Refuge Compact

The Refuge Compact is a smaller version of our standard Refugeā€”a fire-resistant, thermally-controlled space intended for emergency accommodation. Shorter in length and with a floor area of approximately 17.3m2, this unit can be manufactured with or without amenities. The first option includes an inbuilt kitchen and bathroom, leaving a small flexible space for living or sleeping. The version without amenities leaves a simple open room which could be used as a separate sleeping space, storage facility, or living area.

The smaller framework means that the Refuge Compact can be installed slightly more quickly and at a lower cost than the standard Refuge, and may be a useful supplement where a family requires extra bedrooms or additional amenities.

Our modular home design means that these units can later be shifted and incorporated into a larger building with multiple bedrooms, such as for a permanent residence.

Please Note: In a bushfire or other natural disaster, the Refuge is only intended to provide a last resort to be used when no other safe options are available. Always heed evacuation warnings and other safety advice from the CFS, RFS and other Emergency Services.