What is a modular home?

A modular home is built in a factory setting, enabling significant cost reductions in construction. Our modular homes are energy smart and sustainable, with off-grid capability. This means that a Fluid Solar modular house or building can substantially reduce your energy costs, short and long term.

What makes Fluid Solar unique from other prefabricated and modular construction companies?

We put sustainable, solar thermal energy at the heart of our homes and commercial projects. Consequently, all of our homes and buildings are founded upon passive design principles that complement our technology, ensuring sustainability and affordability.

Design & Materials

What are your homes made out of?

Each home is made from heavy duty, galvanized, pre-assembled external wall frames and panels with steel foam sandwiched between non-flammable insulating panels for internal walls and roofing. Options include full width sliding doors, single or double glazed windows and elevated light entry, as well as a range of luxury add-ons.

What size are your modules?

Each of our modules is 3.6m by 7.2m as standard, but can be increased to 4.8m by 12m, whilst their ceiling height is TO BE FILLED IN

Is it easy to extend my Fluid Solar home or building in future?

Yes! One of the benefits of modular design is that it’s a simple process to add an extra module to your home, making your extension a breeze.

Can I alter one of your designs, or work with you on a custom design?

Yes. Whilst we have a range of unique existing designs, there is space to adjust various features and furnishings to your preference.

If you have a special project in mind, we’d also be delighted work with you on a custom design. Once we’ve gained an understanding of your project’s requirements and budget, we can put together a design brief.

As you can imagine, the project life cycle of custom designs is longer than if you are to choose one of our pre-existing designs.

Are you open to collaborating with external architects?

Of course. We are happy to work with an external architect, or discuss the possibility of using your existing designs. Otherwise, the Fluid Solar team would be delighted to work with you on your custom design.

Sustainability, Environment & Tech

What is the minimum energy star rating of your modules?

Our modules carry a minimum rating of 8 stars, but we can customise the design to achieve a higher rating should you require it. To gain a more in depth understanding of the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme, you can view their website.

Do your modular homes comply with cyclone building codes and bushfire regulations?

Our homes and buildings are built to withstand up to NUMBER Bushfire Attack Level (BAL), and are cyclone rated to C????? as standard. Of course, if needed, we can customise the build to meet any specifications your site requires.

Are your homes designed to be off-grid?

Absolutely. Not only our homes designed to be off-grid and energy-independent through our solar thermal energy systems, they also have a roof-top rainwater collection system and hot and cold water storage and supply. We can also install a grey-water and black-water storage system too, should you require.

Can I buy solar thermal systems for my existing home or business?

Yes. Not only do our modular homes come with solar thermal systems, but we can also retrofit your existing home or business. We design our solar thermal systems specifically to fit the energy requirements of your home or commercial property, and can substantially reduce your energy burden.

Site Preparation, Transportation and Installation

How much site preparation is necessary?

This varies from site to site and project to project, and will be thoroughly discussed during the consultative stage.

Will you need a soil report?

Yes, we will need a soil report to ensure the condition of the subsoil is accounted for throughout design and construction.

How are building and planning permits attained?

Do we handle the building permit?? Whether you require a planning permit is within the jurisdiction of your local council. We would also be happy to arrange these applications for you at an additional cost.

Do you provide a complete project management solution?


Can your homes be installed on sloping sites?

Yes, our screw pile foundation system can be adjusted for height, making it ideal for sloping sites. However, there may be an additional cost for installation depending on the severity of the slope.

Are your homes and buildings available Australia-wide?

Yes. Our building solutions are available throughout Australia, no matter how remote.

How are your homes transported?

Our homes and buildings are flat-packed and placed in standard shipping containers for easy transportation by road, rail or ship. They can also be palletised for transportation on standard flat-bed trucks.

How much does transportation cost?

The transportation cost varies upon the location of your project. But this will be calculated at the beginning of the project lifecycle at a cost that’s on par or better than the market rate.

How long does construction, delivery and installation take?

If you choose one of our existing designs, the whole process from construction to delivery and installation will take between xx to xx weeks, providing there aren’t any unusual geographical challenges to your chosen site. Of course, custom projects may

Will I need to organise electricity and plumbing services connections to my new Fluid Solar home or building?

It’s up to you! If you’ve decided to remain connected to the grid and facilities, we can either provide that service, or you can handle arrangements yourself. Either way, our homes and buildings come pre-wired and pre-plumbed.

Does my Fluid Solar modular home come with a warranty?

Yes! Your new home comes with a 6.5yr structural warranty that commences from the day of the handover.

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