Seven Cabins, Two Sizes

25.9sqm (7.2m by 3.6m) and 51.8sqm (7.2m by 7.2m)

Rooms: Bedroom, Bathroom (toilet & shower), kitchen, living room

The seven cabins we provided for Gawler Caravan Park are perfect examples of our minimalist module design and construction in action. Built from locally sourced materials, these cabins provide an idyllic stay for travellers on the road – from families to lone rangers. All cabins are equipped with solar hot water heating, reverse cycle air conditioning, underfloor heating and cooling.

Light Square Residential Development


Fluid Solar House:

Energy system: 150-kilowatt (kW) rooftop concentrating solar thermal collector array; a 2200 kWh thermal storage system with a radiant hydronic heating and cooling using stored thermal energy; latent energy storage capacity exceeding 10,000 kWh; two Tesla car charging points

Size: 3000sqm

Dimensions: ????????


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