Combining solar thermal energy technology with smart, environmentally-conscious design and rapid construction times, we aim to minimise your environmental impact while providing you with truly affordable housing.  Our modular designs cover a range of uses including: permanent family homes of any size over one or several levels; holiday homes; emergency refuges including optional 1 hour fire-rated construction methods: temporary and short term living spaces; and permanent or long term accommodation.

All of our building modules are manufactured to high standard and then assembled using a patented building system under the supervision of our experienced team of engineers and manufacturers. The modules are transportable by standard forklift, tractor or telehandler and clamped into final position on a prepared site in a few hours or days. We can deliver and assemble a complete four bedroom home in less than four days on a prepared site, whereas it would take around six to twelve months using conventional on site building techniques. On-site building time and costs and the requirement for on-site skilled trades are greatly reduced. Transport costs are modest because the lightweight modules can be moved by a car and trailer or standard width and height semi. No large crane or specialised delivery machinery means that a large range of sites, including those with sloping or awkward access points, make feasible build areas.

Fluid Solar living spaces cut typical energy costs for occupants by as much as 90%. “Thin grid” and off-grid options are available for rural and remote locations or city-based low energy living. Our modular design and versatile energy technologies can meet your energy and conditioning needs, with a contemporary and flexible design solution.

At Fluid Solar, our R&D team are at the forefront of sustainable commercial development, having completed the world’s first off-grid, solar-thermal powered four storey office building—Fluid Solar House—in Elizabeth Vale, South Australia in 2017. The building’s heating, cooling and lighting system has now operated for more than 2 years completely off the grid, powered by rooftop solar thermal and solar PV panels. With our patented solar thermal systems and experienced team of designers and engineers, we are well-placed to work with you on your sustainable solar thermal hybrid energy-powered commercial building, from project inception to completion. Whether you’re planning to construct a multi-residential development, small to medium sized office building, educational institution, retail store, or anything other occupied space, we’ll work with your design team to deliver on time and on budget.

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