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Since its inception more than a century ago, on-site solar energy collection, storage and utilisation has faced limitations in terms of feasibility and reliability. Motivated to develop a better design for the technology, Fluid Solar’s founder Roger Davies began researching and developing a series of energy technologies in 2008 for on-site solar thermal energy collection, storage and delivery to homes and businesses. Key components including new methods of solar thermal collection, solar powered heating, cooling and air conditioning technologies have now been successfully developed, patented in Australia, Japan, China, the USA, Canada, India and Europe, and have been operating successfully for over 2 years at Fluid Solar House, the first off-grid solar thermal powered multi-storey building in the world. Improvement and refinement of these systems continues. All these technologies can be integrated with traditional energy solutions for optimum, sustainable, low carbon living. For an overview of how our solar thermal energy collection works, please see Our Technologies.

The team at Fluid Solar have been focused since 2015 on bringing the Fluid Solar thermal energy suite of technologies to the consumer and their businesses. A range of affordable, rapid installation, energy-efficient and sustainable building designs are being developed and fabricated in South Australia from locally manufactured components. These homes, additions or commercial spaces function efficiently and reliably with renewably-sourced Fluid Solar energy systems, which produce zero carbon emissions while operating. In 2017, Fluid Solar House was completed–the world’s first solar thermal hybrid off-grid office building–demonstrating with resounding success the viability of local solar thermal energy for powering commercial buildings.

More commercial building projects have followed, including 20 two-storey town houses now under construction in Northern Adelaide and the installation of single-storey free-standing units for short term accommodation at Gawler, South Australia. The Fluid Solar modular, prefabricated construction method provides an opportunity to tackle the dual challenges of greenhouse gas emissions and housing affordability, and bring sustainable, attainable housing opportunities to Australians and people around the world.

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