Developing a commercial project powered by renewable energy presents a unique variety of challenges, especially for large-scale commercial and industrial properties.

At Fluid Solar, we’re at the forefront of sustainable commercial development, having recently completed the world’s first off-grid, solar-thermal powered four storey office building – Fluid Solar House – in Elizabeth Vale, South Australia. With our knowledge of solar thermal systems, combined with our experienced team of builders and architects, we’re well placed to work with you on your green energy-powered commercial building, from project inception to completion.

Our building and energy technology is ideally suited for small to medium density residential projects; tourism operators, healthcare providers; educational institutions; government; NGOs, and more.

Building Construction Annual Energy Consumption Typical Construction Costs
Office built c. 1950 400kWh/m2 $2,500/m2
Standard Office Building 140kWh/m2 $3,000/m2
Well designed Modern Office 75kWh/m2 $4,000/m2
A Green Star Building 26kWh/m2 $5,000/m2
Fluid Solar Office Building 0kWh/m2 $2,500/m2
Fluid Solar large scale residential Building * 0kWh/m2 $1000/m2

Our commercial services include


Our prefab homes are ideal for small to medium density multi-residential developments, and can be customised to suit your budget. We recently completed a suite of cabins for a Caravan Park in Gawler, South Australia, and are currently working on a series of two-storey town houses.

Design and Supply

Our complete custom design and supply solution provides solar-thermal technology for energy optimised commercial and industrial properties.

Building Envelope Design

We’ll design all aspects of the solar-thermal system from the energy monitoring receptors to the thermal banks and collectors arrays. Passive design features, as well as glazing design, are optimised and outlined.

Energy Systems

Our Solar thermal powered HVAC systems can be incorporated into building design for your commercial or industrial property.


We can work with you on retrofitting your commercial or industrial property with a custom solar-thermal energy solution to significantly reduce electricity consumption.

Dependant on residential building construction method

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