Fluid Solar will bring renewable solar thermal energy and low impact living spaces to one third of the worlds population in thirty years.



The Innovation Grid

 Innovation Grid is a space for powering ideas that transform the future of power in Australia and beyond. A hub for innovative technology and progressive collaboration, dedicated to supporting renewable energy and smart technology startups and SMES to break through barriers.  


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Innovation Grid coworking is a collaborative space in an off-grid building - with meeting rooms, event spaces, desk and office spaces and informal breakout spaces. Like-minded people in a purpose built space, to support a smart, green energy future.  


PackageOne day PassCommunal desk spaceDedicated desk spaceMicro-officeLarge office space
Space Hot seat desk space Shared desk space Permanent desk space 1-2 person permanent office  From 3 person permanent office
Meeting spaces (booking required)
inc. private board room 
Breakout space          
Kitchen facilities          
Fast wifi           
Printing facilities          
Parking, including for electric cars, bicycles and motorbike           
Reception services          
Pricing $25 $180/month +GST $250/month +GST From $300/month +GST From $850/month + GST

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To truly transform our economy, protect our security, and save our planet from the ravages of climate change, we need to ultimately make clean, renewable energy the profitable kind of energy. – Barack Obama


The Connection is a dedicated energy industry support program, helping people move from idea generation to product distribution. The aim is to assist startups and entrepreneurs improve the efficiency, effectiveness, awareness of and availability of renewable energy around the globe and we believe that an entrepreneurial mindset along with innovative expertise is the way to do it.

  • Connection to industry specialists and leaders for mentorship
  • Business and industry advice and guidance, from protecting your intellectual property to developing a prototype
  • 3 months free coworking space, with access to all the areas and facilities
  • Access to prototyping and manufacturing facilities  

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Event Space

Event and meeting space included in monthly co-working price within reason, but is available for hire. 

The Think Tank: 20 people 

Price per hour for non-members,

including access to kitchen facilities: $30

The Lab: 4 people

Price per hour for non-members,

including access to kitchen facilities: $20

Open event space 400m2 

Price per half day: $200

Price per day: $380

Open event space 50m2

Price per half day: $80

Price per day: $140

Our Story

Fluid Solar began as a renewable energy company, researching and developing a range of solar thermal technologies to improve efficiency and availability of power. In september of 2016, Fluid Solar House was complete, a proof of concept building intending to showcase the viability of renewable energy as a world first off-grid office building.

What began as an idea has transformed into a product, and now forms the basis of Innovation Grid.

Innovation Grid is a unique coworking and micro office space, specialising in smart technology and renewable energy, and beyond that, the ability to provide low impact living and working in every aspect. We see this as the future of power - bright ideas, working side by side to network, collaborate and support each other to encourage success.

By providing an industry specific coworking space, purpose designed and built to assist engineers and designers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses succeed, the Innovation Grid hopes to create a network of innovation.

By combining two of Fluid Solar’s values: innovative technology and community affordability, Innovation Grid has a vision to support local industries, national renewable innovation and global applications.