Fluid Solar will bring renewable solar thermal energy and low impact living spaces to one third of the worlds population in thirty years.



Thermal Panel

The Fluid Solar Concentrating Thermal Panel tracks the sun through the day and over the seasons while solidly fixed, without moving parts; when combined with currently available evacuated tube solar collectors thermal power collection is boosted 200-300% per square meter of collector. This means higher temperature collection is possible year-round or in cloudy weather at lower cost, competing directly with fossil fuel alternatives.

Where installation is in regional rural or remote locations, the economic advantage over fossil fuels becomes compelling. The capability to track and concentrate the sun with no moving parts means very high reliability and low maintenance costs.

Fluid Solar Thermal Panels reflect energy to the under surface of the collector system, for the majority of daylight hours each day as well as the energy typically collected on the upper surface of the primary collector area. As a result of this advanced concentrating method, the collector temperature rises to useful levels, for much longer periods each day, and also during periods of light to moderate overcast weather, substantially improving the overall efficiency and temperature of solar thermal collection.

Remarkably, the Fluid Solar Thermal Panels can track the sun, directing solar energy to the collectors, with NO moving parts; meaning low installation costs, much lower maintenance costs and extended lifespan of 20+ years.

By tracking without moving parts, Fluid Solar Thermal Panels dramatically reduce maintenance issues including recurring expenses and system failures associated with moving (focusing) tracking systems. As an additional benefit, the patent pending Fluid Solar Thermal Panels can be used more effectively on all faces of a pitched roof, including east, west and the polar side of many roofs (north facing roofs in the Northern hemisphere and South facing roofs in the Southern hemisphere) allowing utilisation of roof space which is otherwise unsuitable for solar energy collection.

    • "Fluid Solar" – Fluid Solar Thermal Panel performance
    • "Mechanical Tracking" – Conventional high cost, unreliable, solar tracking system performance
    • "Standard Collector" – Performance of evacuated tube solar collector, without the Fluid Solar Thermal Panel to boost performance

Figure: Daily sun movement across Fluid Solar reflectors

The Summer performance graph shows that mid-day mid-summer performance of the Fluid Solar Thermal Panel can be "tuned" to avoid overheating during the hottest hours of summer days, while extending collector performance from early morning to late afternoon.

The Winter performance graph shows sustained performance, close to the maximum boost through the summer months, is achieved between 10am and 2pm, local solar time daylight hours even in mid-winter.

The yellow areas represent the parts of the Fluid Solar Thermal Panel that reflect sunlight to the under-surface of the collector tubing. Different parts of the mirror reflect the sun as it moves through the day so that there is additional energy falling on the collector the whole day. This includes periods in early morning or late afternoon where the conventional collector, without Fluid Solar Thermal Panels, accumulates such little thermal energy that the collector temperature often falls below a minimum useful level.