Fluid Solar will bring renewable solar thermal energy and low impact living spaces to one third of the worlds population in thirty years.



Solar Powered Natural Ventilation

The Fluid Solar Thermal Panel substantially improves thermal energy production throughout the year, producing sufficient energy to power thermally boosted natural ventilation technology. Typically, between 30% and 40% of the total energy consumed by Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) systems is used to drive mechanical fans that force air through ducts around the building.

Fluid Solar technology uses a low velocity semi-ducted air supply solution and solar energy to power assisted natural buoyancy ventilation. Instead of 30% of total energy being “lost” in fans driving air around the system, the Fluid Solar solution includes a fan drawing less than a tenth of the energy used by a conventional HVAC solution.

A Dedicated Outdoor Air Supply (DOAS) single pass air system means that contaminated and stale air is not re-circulated repeatedly around a building as is the case in most current technology VAV (variable air volume) reverse cycle electrically powered systems. Instead, fresh filtered, heated or chilled air is delivered to occupied areas of a building, assisted by natural buoyancy with air flow enhanced by Fluid Solar thermally powered water coils. Thermal boosting means that Natural Ventilation does not need to rely on the erratic boost provided by wind assisted systems but instead, buoyancy effects are reliably enhanced by Fluid Solar thermal energy through the day.

Night ventilation can be utilized to flush stale warm air from a building with minimal mechanical fan assistance. The Fluid Solar thermally assisted natural ventilation features an inherent control system that increases the supply of fresh air through occupied areas as more people enter each space.