Fluid Solar will bring renewable solar thermal energy and low impact living spaces to one third of the worlds population in thirty years.




Fluid Solar is dedicated to innovating the renewable energy industry and as such has developed a range of technologies able to provide more efficient, more effective and more affordable energy to a range of residential, commercial and large-scale projects.

Thermal Panel 

Fluid Solar Thermal Panel boosts the performance of any quality evacuated tube collector, delivering at least three times more solar energy to each collector panel in comparison. This can substantially improve the production of useful hot water throughout the year for both domestic and commercial use, creating hot water up to 95ºC.

Heating and Cooling 

This production of hot water can be used to provide up to three times more energy available to be used in a hydronic space heating system. With a similar hydronic system, Fluid Solar Thermal Panel readily produces sufficiently high-temperature hot water to substantially improve the performance of thermally driven adsorption and absorption heat pump chillers; making larger volumes of chilled water for the coil and chilled ceiling space cooling.

Natural Ventilation 

The Thermal panels increased efficiency and effectiveness also mean that periods lacking in much such light do not cause an effect on the ability of the building to heat or cool itself all year round. Any building designed by Fluid Solar has an inbuilt natural ventilation, which is designed as inexpensive to run and decreases the overall power consumption of the building.

Thermal Heat Storage 

One of the core issues related to solar power’s reliability is its inability to store energy for long periods of time. The Fluid Solar Thermal Bank can cheaply store thousands of MegaJoules of surplus solar thermal energy, as warmed or chilled water, sufficient to power the electrical fittings and HVAC system of a single building for many weeks and even during months of cloudy weather, if necessary.

Hot Water Turbine 

This storage of water is integral to the system as it is run predominantly on the generation of low-temperature steam, and by having such a large water storage unit, steam is able to be produced as needed. This drives the Fluid Solar Hot Water Turbine, an axial flow multistage turbine, and greatly improves the overall efficiency of the system by running over day and night.

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