Fluid Solar will bring renewable solar thermal energy and low impact living spaces to one third of the worlds population in thirty years.



Low Impact Luxury Housing (LILH)

Fluid Solar Luxury Accommodation gives exceptional standards with minimal environmental impact. By applying Fluid Solar technologies to modern accommodation, the costs of high-end living can be achieved affordably with environmentally friendly passive design and state of the art materials. 

Fluid Solar Luxury accommodation ranges from energy system design services for luxury homes to sophisticated environmentally friendly tourist accommodation, ideal for luxury retreats and villa style getaway locations. Each design incorporates high-end architecture design to seamlessly integrate a complete heating, cooling and ventilation system into a smart building envelope. 



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We provide a complete service offering high-end eco tourism accommodation or we can work with your architect to optimise energy systems in developed plans. 

Interested in Low Impact Luxury Housing (LILH)?

Please get in touch with our design service to ensure that the requirements of your luxury home or tourism destination are catered for with the best possible fit.