Fluid Solar will bring renewable solar thermal energy and low impact living spaces to one third of the worlds population in thirty years.



Low Impact Living Apartments (LILA)

At Fluid Solar we recognise there is a large demand for low-cost large-scale housing for families, disadvantaged groups, singles and seniors.

This is why we have created a simplified design and eco-friendly construction process, through the integration of Fluid Solar energy technologies and the use of prefabricated Fluid Solar kitchen, bathroom and laundry units (Low Impact Rapid Deployment Amenity).

This reduces the construction costs, enabling more housing to be built for less, and provides long-term savings to the tenants. From this substantial returns can be guaranteed.

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Features & Benefits

Building Costs

 Fluid Solar can offer an innovative and long term sustainable investment oppertuntity, with their Low Impact Living Appartments. The Fluid Solar Design Service begins the process, to ensure the development includes a host of sustainable design features and a viable solar thermal energy system to meet the expected demands.

Each development is executed by an expereinced and cutting edge design and construction team, and the process itself has been streamlined to ensure maximum returns on investment. Quality and convenience is not compromised despite the reduced costs during construction, resulting in a product that is market led.  


Building ConstructionAnnual Energy ConsumptionTypical Construction Costs
Office built c. 1950 400kWh/m2 -
Standard Office Building 140kWh/m2 $3,000/m2
Well designed Modern Office 75kWh/m2 $4,000/m2
A Star Green Star Building 26kWh/m2 $5,000/m2
Fluid Solar Office Building 0kWh/m2 $2,500/m2
Fluid Solar large scale residential Building * 0kWh/m2 $1000/m2

* Dependant on residential building construction method

Interested in Low Impact Living Apartments (LILA)?

Construction is currently underway with the Fluid Solar Light Avenue Low Impact Apartment block. 24 apartments with renewable energy systems, robust fittings and secure car parking are in the early stages of construction, with half year estimated build time. The two-level block ensures that mobility is not an issue with ground floor accessible entries and upper level to address medium density zoning focus.

Please contact us if you would like to take a tour of one of our buildings or would like to involve Fluid Solar in your planning processes.