Fluid Solar will bring renewable solar thermal energy and low impact living spaces to one third of the worlds population in thirty years.



Low Impact Design Service (LIDS)

The Fluid Solar Low Impact Living Design Service recognises that building with renewable energy options and a completely off the grid energy system capability runs into a variety of logistical hurdles, especially for large-scale commercial and industrial properties. The Fluid Solar custom Low Impact Design Service can offer Fluid Solar energy systems to fit the power and building specifications, providing core plans your sustainably powered building from idea inception to construction completion.

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Fluid Solar House



Fluid Solar House, a recently completed 4 storey office building in Elizabeth Vale, South Australia, is the first complete off the grid building of its kind in the world.The building's energy is generated by the solar thermal system, visible as subterranean thermal tanks in the car park area and the solar collector arrays on the right side of the roof. Additional renewable energy systems have been included to assist in the buildings proof of concept design, including rooftop wind turbines and additional PV panels. Electric cars will be supplied energy by additional energy generated by the building. The light-filled central atrium adds an important energy optimisation feature, reducing the need for excessive power for lights while also purpose built to have limit heat absorption. 

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The Fluid Solar Low Impact Design Service can provide a number different features for industrial and commercial building designs. For optimisation, Fluid Solar can provide a complete custom design to provide energy optimisation through innovative, easily monitored solar thermal technology tied into the foundations of the building. This energy generation system case provides the majority of your base load substitution for commercial and industrial operations. 

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