Fluid Solar will bring renewable solar thermal energy and low impact living spaces to one third of the worlds population in thirty years.




"Solar Fluid is bringing solar energized, low impact living to one third of the world's people in the next twenty years. "

 Fluid Solar was built with the vision to deliver affordable and clean solar energy; innovating renewable power to find solutions for community requirements across the globe. Fluid Solar technologies can provide reliable year round heating, cooling and ventilation systems, with its thermal heat storage unit to counteract periods of limited sun.

Our dedication to affordability has resulted in the dynamic application of renewable energy technology on developments of adaptable modular residential buildings to large scale commercial buildings. Importantly, in providing near off grid power, Fluid Solar is able to provide fixed utility costs, to suit those on low fixed incomes. Need some proof, head through to our Fluid Solar House page to find out more about how it works in practice.  

Continued research and development processes are underway, with our energy industry mentorship program, The Connection, based at Fluid Solar House's coworking space The Innovation Grid, to encourage entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration in the renewable energy sector.