Fluid Solar will bring renewable solar thermal energy and low impact living spaces to one third of the worlds population in thirty years.



Flexible pre-fab homes make building easy

Fluid Solar offers a variety of options within our modular, pre-fabricated range. All the models are suitable for off-grid capacity with solar thermal and solar PV on the roof and a custom designed kitchen-bathroom unit. 

Split level modular home

Stilts can be added to protect agasint flooding in rural and remote areas.

Highly durable foundatations and exteriors are suitable for a range of intense environments and have been tested for cyclones, snowloading and fire safety. 

Double storey can reduce the floor area for compact building spaces, by adding an internal or external staircase, or add a basement or garage to your new home.


The modular style also suits houses over sloping ground or in different layouts, such as L-shaped, U shaped or with a central courtyard/deck. 

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