Fluid Solar will bring renewable solar thermal energy and low impact living spaces to one third of the worlds population in thirty years.



Launch of off-grid cabins at conference


Fluid Solar were privileged to be invited to the SA Parks Annual Conference 2017 to launch our Low Impact Living Modular Accommodation. We were lucky enough to be offered a space to build one of our off-grid accommodation modules just outside the conference.


The tiny house, standing at 43m2 including the outdoor deck, was built in merely three days by the excellent Fluid Solar installation team. The one module Gable design included a kitchen and bathroom unit, a spacious double bedroom and an open plan dining and lounge area.  The house featured low voltage appliances and lighting, 2 large windows, an additional skylight and full-width glass sliding doors to improve natural light and decrease the need for energy consumption.   

A/Professor Roger Davies, the Managing Director of Fluid Solar, gave a talk to the attendees to explain the virtues of Solar Thermal technology, which is the underlying energy system to heat, cool and supply hot water to the accommodation.

It was fantastic to get feedback from South Australian caravan, camping and holiday parks. It was evident that the product with its affordable energy efficiency impressed the conference attendees. Their advice was valuable relating to overloading grids, how off-grid modular houses would solve issues of having to put in a range of extra infrastructure and the future of affordable and renewable caravan and camping.