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SA electricty prices highest in the WORLD

South Australia will overtake Denmark as having the world's most expensive electricity when the country's major energy retailers jack up their prices this Saturday.

AGL, EnergyAustralia and Origin Energy will all increase their electricity prices from July 1, adding hundreds of dollars to annual household bills.

Residential customers will see an average rise of 18 per cent under AGL, 19.9 per cent from EnergyAustralia, 16.1 per cent with Origin Energy.

Mr Mountain, head of a private energy consultancy firm, made the prediction based on national and international energy market data, and papers published by the Council of European Energy Regulators and OECD.

Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis has demanded the state’s biggest electricity retailers outline their reasons for the recent annual power price surge of more than $300. 

He said a check of the companies’ (Origin and AGL) records found that established generation costs had not increased. 

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