What are eCubes?

Introducing the eCube

eCubes are more than just bathrooms and kitchens. They are prefabricated, self contained multi-purpose mobile modules with the flexibility to include a combination of bathroom, kitchen, laundry and sleeping spaces. Even better, when equipped with solar-thermal technology, they have the capability to go off grid, are rapidly and easily transportable, and durable for all environments. With such flexibility, they’re the ideal solution for:

Residential & Commercial Property

Bathrooms and kitchens are two of the costliest elements of residential and commercial developments. As they’ve traditionally been built onsite, they’re often subject to delays, poor construction quality, and cost blowouts. We sidestep these issues entirely by prefabricating our eCube bathroom and kitchen modules in our factory in Elizabeth, South Australia, under the supervision of our qualified team of engineers and builders. This means we can guarantee quality, reliability and consistency, in addition to shorter production times and lower costs. We also customise our units with fittings and finishings to suit all needs and budgets, whether it’s for a hotel development or to outfit national parks.

Building & Renovation Support

The support eCube is ideal for amenities provisions during home renovation or for construction sites, providing kitchen and bathroom units with extendable office areas. Easily transportable from day to day if needed, they are solar-thermal powered and energy self-sufficient.

Emergency Relief

The emergency eCube is specifically designed to provide rapid facilities in emergency situations, in response to human-made or natural disasters, for long term humanitarian situations, or as short-term accommodation for migratory populations. Within hours of delivery, the emergency eCube can provide high quality sanitation, off grid integrated cooking facilities, separate living and sleeping spaces, and securable and weatherproof shelter.

h4>Camping & Remote Areas The camping eCube provides short or long term camping facilities on wheels and is easily connected to your vehicle for convenient transportation. It’s also powered by solar-thermal technology and ready to be used off-grid. It’s the ideal solution to enjoy modern amenities off the beaten track. It’s also the perfect solution for upgrading caravan park facilities.

The Benefits of eCubes


Rapid cost controlled production

Manufactured in a controlled, factory environment, our eCubes are rapidly manufactured and available at fixed prices.


Easily transportable

The compact (and flatpackable) design ensures that the unit is ready to be rapidly installed on site. Transport to regional and remote areas is feasible, to the point where individual packs can be carried across rough terrain if necessary.


Easy to Assemble

Reassembled from start to finish in hours with an experienced team.


Durable and robust

eCubes can be made to be earthquake and cyclone proof. The roofing compacts around the sides of the facilities, and it is rapidly transportable.



Our eCubes are lightweight yet durable, and made out of environmentally-focused materials.


Off grid

Our emergency eCube runs entirely off grid with an efficient energy collection and storage system.

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