Fluid Solar will bring renewable solar thermal energy and low impact living spaces to one third of the worlds population in thirty years.



About Us

"Fluid Solar is the future of Low Impact Living - it’s free renewable energy; easily stored and available on demand, day and night."

Fluid Solar was built with the vision to deliver affordable and clean solar thermal energy; innovating renewable power to find solutions for community requirements across the globe. Our dedication to affordability has resulted the dynamic application of renewable energy technology from reliable state-wide power generation to easily deployable, off grid, instant kitchen, bathroom and laundry units.  

All of Fluid Solar’s Low Impact Housing options are designed for large-scale output, with cost effective construction methods, prefabricated and self sufficient kitchen, bathroom and laundry units and renewable energy consumption awareness. Low Impact Living Modular Accomodation and the Low Impact Rapid Deployment Amenity (LIRDA) suite of products create the core of our housing options, providing flat-packed and off the grid, housing options on large scales. Beyond this, our design service has streamlined a manufacturing and construction process to provide Low Impact Living Apartments and Low Impact Luxury Housing as cost effective and energy responsible investments.

Renewable Energy On Demand is Fluid Solar’s highly dependable and efficient turbine related technologies with the capacity to provide power on a large scale, highly competitive with currently available products.

Innovation is important to Fluid Solar, so we’ve established the Innovation Grid - a coworking space with a energy industry and smart technology focused community to add fire to the fuel and continue to develop innovative solutions to gridlocks.   

Our goal is to provide local and global markets with cost-effective solar thermal energy solutions for thermal collection, thermal storage and utilisation for such things as hot water, space heating, space cooling, refrigerated food storage and solar thermal electricity production that are at least price and performance competitive compared to fossil fuel powered, or nuclear powered alternatives.

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